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Home Media Toolkit (Beta)

A set of tools to ease the burden of organising your home photo and video collection.

The Home Media Toolkit

A Toolkit designed to greatly facilitate finding Photo and Video Duplicate files, Similar Photos, Photos missing from your master folders, photo GPS Locations, and media file 'internal' details (called EXIF information).

The Home Media Toolkit helps you to organise your home photos and videos, by offering a set of easy-to-use tools in one straight-forward software package.

General Overview:

Home Media Tooolkit allows you to;

  • establish one 'Master' and several 'Secondary' folders (these can be changed at any time),
  • view Media Files (images and video) together with their Meta Data (Date Taken, GPS location, and so on)
  • find duplicate photos and videos,
  • find *similar photos,
  • find what's missing from your Master folders,
  • find what doesn't quite fit in with the other media files in the same folder or set of folders,
  • identify when and *where photos were taken (provided GPS location is included in photos, through *on-line map providers).

*Note that Similarity is subjective, and although accurate to a high degree, may be inaccurate at times.
**This software uses Google Maps (this can change) to show you where your photo was taken, provided that GPS information has been recorded together with the photo, such as photos from modern phone and tablet cameras.

HomeMediaToolkit Application - Main Page

This is achieved through intelligent use of the information maintained within the media files themselves, without modifying the media files in any way, allowing you to visualizing your media files conveniently, by offering you only related options for the task at hand, thus making each task easier to visualise and accomplish.

This software was inspired by the need to ease the burden of organizing our own media files at home.

The Home Media Toolkit is still what is called Beta Stage Software, that is, it is a work in progress. It's not perfect. We know there are still some defects that need to be ironed out, and some User Interface changes that need to be made. Also, it probably won't be Retail Ready for some time, as improvements and changes are pushed into it regularly. We are striving to make this software the tool of choice for assisting you in the often tiring, if not frustrating task of keeping your photo and media library up to date and easy to follow.

Your contributions, whether financial or through your participation (or both!) will most certainly make this happen sooner.

How this software can help.

Once you get started by adding your folders to Home Media Toolkit, this software will help you:

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements listed here are for guidance only as we have not as yet had enough feedback from people using this product to determine this. Just go ahead and try it out, and tell us about your experience.

  • Windows 10 Operating System (if you run it on Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8, please let us know)
  • Intell i5 CPU
  • 8Gb RAM
  • 600Mb of extra Space on your hard disk for data files (for approx. 30,000 media files).
  • GTX 1050 Graphics card
  • Something technical: This product runs on the DotNet Framework 4.7.2 which should be automatically available on all Windows 10 based PCs.

Obtaining/Downloading Home Media Toolkit, and contributing to this project:

Please feel free to download the software by following the link below. You will need to create an account with this site to download and use the software.

If you are a Beta Tester though, please follow the link provided by your Beta Testing Service Provider, to create a tester's account first.

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