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About This Site

This site is all about our product, the ™HomeMediaToolkit, our tool to help organize one's own Home Video and Photo Collection. It is a continuous work in progress, as more and more content is added to it to make sure that you are assisted in the best way possible. Please feel free to report any issues, make requests, or offer any any suggestions in our support page. Note that you need to have an account on this web-site, and be logged in, to access the support pages.

About Us

Our desire to organize our own Home Photo and Video collection is what started us up. Tools do exist for a great many different tasks. But, we wanted to have something that groups many of these tools together, and that makes the whole experience of organising one's own photo and video collection actually enjoyable and efficient. Our mission then, was therefore to provide an enjoyable set of tools that would help organise one's own media files.

With over twenty years in professional software development experience, it was time to apply aquired skills to do something different, something that everyone could enjoy.

As a software house, we are based on the tiny and sunny island of beautiful Malta, a European Union State, which is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea just 166 Kms south of Sicily, Italy.

About the HomeMediaToolkit Application

This software application is a collection of tools with a specific goal in mind - help organise photo and video collections, by separating or grouping the required task into several sub-tasks. The way this is achieved may be viewed from the Features option in this site's top menu.

How We Do This

Through your support! Without your support and contributions we could not keep this site or our product going for very long, and therefore your suggestions and contributions are truly appreciated. To contribute to this project, please create an account with this site, login, and navigate to our download page.