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Finding Duplicates Within Your Folders.

Finding duplicates is easy. Just select the folder set you want to check, and click on the Find Duplicates or Find Duplicates in Master options from at the top. There are many options you can use to Bin the duplicate media files for eventual review and delete operations.

Note that Finding Duplicates is not about finding a photo or media file with the same name, as the file name may be different even if the photo is the same. The system checks each file's contents to a high accuracy to ensure that the contents are indeed the same.

Image;how to find Duplicate Photos and Videos in HomeMediaToolkit

Finding Duplicates

When finding duplicates, the images which have duplicates, contained within a given folder are shown, with all the duplicates listed on the right hand side. As with general viewing, you may always view extended media file information in the Media Information Panel on the right, by clicking on any item.

HomeMediaToolkit Application Image - Show Duplicate Photos and Videos in folders.

Finding Duplicates in Master Folders

This feature allows you to view your Master Folders, whilst simultanously viewing duplicate photos in secondary folders. You may also use use Bulk Bin options to bin entire folders containing duplicate media files, for eventual review and deletion.

HomeMediaToolkit Application Image - Show Duplicate Photos and Videos between folders.