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Similar Photos

Finding Similar Photos Within Your Folders

Finding similar photos is a tricky business, especially for a computer, for many reasons. For example, some people may consider two different garden scenes similar when comparing photos manually, but may not want to confuse them when choosing between what to keep and what to discard. For a computer, things get a little more messy because the concept of similarity is unknown to a computer unless specifically instructed to do so for some purpose. For example, a bird flying in the deep blue sky, and an aeroplane, also in the deep blue sky, could be considered similar.

Within the scope of this software, similarity is taken to mean almost identical. These include resized photos, photos stored in a different formats (jgpeg, gifs, bitmaps, raw), downloaded from different places such as Facebook or Google Photos, or photos with very small differences.

For us, this is a continuous work in progress, especially because many people want many different things. But we do get excellent results albeit with the odd choice every now and again. Still, we added Similarity to our software because we know you will find it useful.

HomeMediaToolkit Application Image - Options to show similar photos.

Finding Similar Photos

This software finds similar photos. Such photos may not always have obvious differences such as the one hereunder, and it is often difficult to determine the difference between similar photos just by looking at them. We therefore provide a tool which allows you to view such photos Side-by-Side or Superimposed.

HomeMediaToolkit Application Image - Show similar photos.

Showing Superimposed Photos

HomeMediaToolkit Application Image - Show similar photos side by side or superimposed.

As exaplined above, photos may be shown side by side or superimposed, and you may also choose to show or hide photos, or render them semi-transparent to immediately note the difference in photos. In the photos above, we superimpose two photos and use the options on the right hand side to render the top-most photo semi-transparent.