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Show Media Files in a Timeline

You've been on holiday, well done... You needed that! Now it's time to organize everything on your PC! Do you need another holiday?

This task can indeed be daunting at times, because if you're anything like us, this includes organising hundreds, if not thousands of media files currently on your cell phones, cameras, tablets, and so on and so forth, and those of your entire family. Still, great results can be achived by following these simple steps.

  • You can start by copying all the media files into one single folder. You may for example name the folder starting with the date of the first day of your holiday, and the place visited. (2015-05-10 - France, for example).
HomeMediaToolkit - Viewing your photo and video folders in a timeline

  • Then, use Home Media Toolkit to split all the photos by date, by right clicking on that folder, and by choosing the Split By Date option. The software will separate all files by date.

HomeMediaToolkit - Splitting Photos and Videos into several folders by date.

  • Finally, proceed to view the media files in the folders. If GPS information exists (most modern mobile phones include this information within photos), you may then see the place you visited by clicking on the 'Place' icon. This will show you the location on a map (Google Maps in this case). You may then proceed to rename the folder by adding the place name to the date. (We are currently investigating how to do this automatically, possibly without any additional cost to you).

HomeMediaToolkit - Place Icon to view on Maps
HomeMediaToolkit - Viewing on Google Maps